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Rob Mix has raced and worked with carbuetors for more than 30 years. Several years ago--from just an idea and the thought that we can make a difference and have fun doing it--he started working with E85--researching, testing, including many Dyno hours and real-world tuning. Working from a great idea and seeing some of the most powerful engines run well on E85 has kept E85 Carbs moving forward. Located in St. Paul, Minn., the shop can do many conversions a week. With UPS overnight E85 Carbs can do the work needed and have it back within a week. Conversions that we do are real-world tested before release. All final tuning will be up to you, the owner. E85 is 85 percent alcohol with 15 percent gasoline and has a 105-octane rating; this can cover lots of boost. Up to 13.5:1 compression. Yes, you need 30 percent more E85 than gas, so you do lose some mileage; so typically you will see a 3-cent-per-mile increase in cost over premium unleaded, but with racing-engine power.... Hmmm, let me think???

nova and 260z
nova and 260z with blowers

Carcraft 2012 was a Hit with this 1100hp E85carbs Big Block

orange 69 nova with blower and girls

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