E85 Blow-Through Race Carbs
High-performance race carburetors! E85carb's new Blow-Through Series Carburetor is hand-assembled in the U.S.
using a high-flow carburetor main body w/annulur boosters for E85 up to 900HP+. Can be upgraded to 1400hp+
durable billet metering blocks, aluminum fuel bowls, and a high-performance billet throttle base plate.
Lightweight Aluminum! High-Flow Center Section Design!
Flat Surfaces: CNC Precision Finish! Screw-In Idle Air Bleeds!
Screw-In High Speed Bleeds! Custom built for your engine please allow
up to 2 weeks for the build!
Personalized custom tuned Carburetors Tune Info worksheet
Black Carb
Red Carb
Green Carb
Black E85 Blow Through Race 750 Carb
Red E85 Blow Through Race 750 Carb
Green E85 Blow Through Race 750 Carb

Blow through hat
QFT Dual Needle and Seat 2-Bowl Kit to 2400hp+ BLK

Polished Aluminum 4150 Pro Extreme Series O-Ring Carb Hat
Out Of stock
Contact Supplier www.superiorairflow.com

Don't Forget a Test-Kit
test kit

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