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Harry B. 468ci 871 Nova Switcking to E85carbs E85 9/29/2021


wagon drag racing

Hi Rob
I have put through an order for a purple e85 kit and some air bleeds.  I have also attached an image of my car.  It should run 9.6 on the qtr next time out using avgas.  Hopefully then I can move to E85 and run consistent 9.5's.

Thanks Paul Hughes

edelbrock carbs edelbrock carbs
drag car doing a wheely

Hi Rob, I’m just contacting you to say thank you.  I was in engine dyno last week Friday with my gm iron oval port (#781) head 454 blower engine.

I expected to see something like 500 to 550 horsepower numbers but after few dyno pulls we got 835 bhp/5400rpm and 880 ft-lbs/4200rpm. 574ft-lbs already in 2000prm, and 677ft-lbs in 2500rpm, I think we are now talking about some “area under curve”.

I think those are pretty big numbers compared to my expectations, old school gm oval ports with 2.19/1.72 valves, 1-7/8” headers, 13.5psi boost and fixed (welded distr) 27-28 degrees ignition.

It was a long day in dyno, we didn’t have too much time to make fine tuning in ignition. And we just put those your e85 kits into my carbs and start dyno session, we never changed anything in carbs after that! Like said, I’m very happy with these numbers.


What do you think, what would be the maximum horsepower and torque numbers for this set up? 2x750 demons with e85 are pretty small for higher rpm?, 13.5psi boost, (max 6000rpm)? And what would be the optimum ignition timing for max torq/bhp output? Just asking for curiosity, I think we are already beyond the reasonable limit for those old, junkyard ready engine parts. And the torq we have now is more than enough for street car.


Now I have the basic setup for the engine, and it seems to be working nice thru whole rpm range. I’ll continue the tuning for low speed / highway cruising speeds with my wideband AFR meter when the motor is installed into my ’59 belair.


Thanks, harry 

Subject: RE: Mighty Demon Blower carb e85 conversions



My kits normally have 1 pv (4.5)and 1 pv plug.   You can add power valves to your order from my parts web page if you want.

Jets or access to jets during your dyno session would be the top of the extra parts. Then you could work on accelerator nozzles to find the smallest that will cover your motors needs without backfiring (minimize fuel waste), air bleeds, idle/cruse fuel restrictor jets, pv channel restrictors would be great for tuning for mileage but they would require top tuning skills.

Ignition control, well my opinion is to toss out any type of boost retard with any fuel because it builds exhaust gas temp and on a blower motor I have seen the loss of valves from high EGT. Locking at 34 to 40 degrees on most motors seems to work well. One thing for that can help mileage is a vac advance dist. We have been working on extending E85 mileage and some early tests running +8 (44 total) degrees at cruse gave us a better fuel eco.

Prices are clearly marked in the website. When you’re ready, place an order through my website. Just add what you want to the cart and when you have everything you need complete your order with the Master Card.

Note: we do not take orders outside of our website.

Thanks Rob Mix



Rob seems to run good in the shop, still might do some fine tunning. Dan May 21st, 2013

Chevelle E85 carbs worked on

Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2011 10:24 AM

Subject: Great job!
Thank you, you built a E85 carb for me in Aug. and it worked great.   I dropped .5 seconds in the 1/4 mile and performed great on Drag Week 2011.  1,300 miles of street driving and 5 days of drag racing.
drag car
Thanks Shawn Anderson


Hello. I´v got some questions. We got an 71 Olds Cutlass S with a Rocket 350, and want to E85 convert it.

what size of carb does it need, the motor has a Holley 650cc now i think...have not find any ID numbers on it yet. hehe

how much does one cost, and do you ship to Sweden, and if so, how much would the total be?
here in Sweden there is no one that does E85 Carbs for old V8s.

got the carb today.. nice one! :)

and it works great.

thanks for all the help!




2009 state fair dyno
Click here for video

dual carb engine

Raced Saturday night. Ran 68 out of 100 laps due to radiator failure. The car ran perfect with your kit with no adjustments. I would recommend your product to anyone. If anyone has questions, feel free to give them my email or phone #712-830-4141 or 712-269-8246. Thanks again  

From: robmix@e85carbs.com [mailto:robmix@e85carbs.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2010 11:55 PM
To: Jason Blunk
Subject: Re: timing

To: robmix@e85carbs.com
From: Jason Blunk
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2010 11:55 PM
Subject: Re: timing

I just got a 4412 carb kit from you, I was wondering if you have had any feedback on timing.
I am running a Ford 351 open chamber heads and 11 to 1 comp in stockcar class.

What were you running for total with gas? What gas were you using? 92? 110 race??

29 degrees with airplane fuel, 105 octane, I think.

I would start there and add up to 3 degrees and see how it works.

Hi Rob

Thanks for the kits!
Now the engine is ready for dyno, Do you have any sparkplugs to recommend?

1969 LS6 bored 0,125
LS6 heads 325cc /108cc chamber
12,5-13,0:1 comp, 245psi cylinder pressure at cranking
Tunnelram 2x 850 DP E85 conversion
Cam Magnum AR 308 COMP CAM, 264@0,050”  308@full duration, lift 0,652





3/10/2010 Ken Moody

drag car

drag car

How's it going, Rob? Ken Moody again.  Remember the junky carb that I sent you from my vega. Well, you rebuilt it for me, and did a damn good job on it. I put the vega engine in a chassis car, on straight motor w/ only that 850 E85 carb. It ran 5.87 @117 mph in 1/8 mile; and it's a small block. With that $2.45 per gal fuel I am killing those $10.00 per gal guys.  I hope I have sent you some new customers. Great job, Rob !!!


Dirt race car


From Ken Moody 9-02-2009, This is a picture of my vega 2 weeks ago, with the 750 E85 carb I got from you about 2 or 3 years ago from you on ebay. I love it. NOW!! I have an 850, I put QuickFuel green E85 metering blocks on it. I got an 850 pro comp main body, the right air bleeds, 94 jets, 850 Proform base. It runs terrible. I am glad I have my old 750 that I got from you. This is my question. Is the 950 body you offer already set up for E85? Then what else should I do. If I get the 950 body from you how much would you charge me to put it together right.

drag car
drag car


Sept 11, 2008


                I just wanted to send you an email saying how happy I am with the carb I bought from you.  Thank you!   I purchased it from you I think in May and have been driving the car and racing all summer.  Wow!  The car is fun to drive again!   On gasoline it ran 12.81 at its best, now its consistently in the 12.50’s all day long with the best pass of 12.44 @ 107 mph, in a 3,950 lb heavy Chevy.  It’s probably paid for itself from the money I’ve won now that it’s consistent again.   I can drive the freeway again without fear of overheating and in fact I don’t really use the fan all that much anymore, plus my eyes don’t burn from the fumes.  No more searching out for race gas to mix, and around here E85 is about $.95/gal cheaper.  With gasoline it had vapor lock issues,  now I’ve discovered the more heat the better.  It doesn’t ping, diesel, or die in the staging lights.  The combustion chambers and valves even stay cleaner than before.  At first I was skeptical, but with an interest in newer technology.  I’m sure glad I made the change.  Got a lot of other people looking and asking me about it too when they see the E85 bumper sticker and smell something that’s not quite the same as the other cars’ exhaust.  You’ve got a great product, but even more your service is WAY above others which is why I decided to buy from you after shopping around.  Good luck, and thanks again!

 Mike Cole

Jeffs truck

robs nova



dodge car dodge car motordodge car6 pack
Owner: David Thacker
From: Tiffin, Ohio
Currently converting to E85 a Mechanical 6 Pack
440 ci .30 over
292 duration .528 lift solid lifter
11.3 to 1 comp.
2" primary headers 3" full dynomax exhaust
727 11" converter
3.55 dana rear
shift rpm 5500
1/4 mile 12.20 @ 112mph


blowen car blowen car engine
Owner: James Costley
From: Randallstown, MD

351W (675 HP on Dyno)
671 BDS blower / E85 750 carbs
9 pounds of boost
8 to 1 compression
Cam, Lift .554" / .558", duration 294 / 306
world heads 2.02 / 1.60, 64cc
350 chevy trans
10" converter, 3500 stall
9" ford rear / 4:30 gears



race motor correvett

Owner: Claes

This 1960 Corvette (both below and above) will have E85 fed 348 with 13.5 comp and Claes is aiming for around 750 hp at 9000 rpm. A1 400 with transbrake and 7500stall converter. Currie made 9inch Ford 4.11 Detroit locker, four link.

Owner: Claes

This 1971 Corvette has a Scott Shafiroff 540 that now runs on gasoline. I did 10.0/402 with it last season. Just put the 1150 E85 dominator on it.

vett front vett rear


pontiac truck

Owner: Jay

80 Firebird with a 406 sbc that runs
9.50s on race gas. It has 13 to 1 comp

Owner: Jay

55 Chevy pickup with a 383 sbc 350
trans. Has run 7.34 1/8th @ 92 mph


race body race body fresh paint

Owner: Hans Stenerlof,Sweden.


The engine is a 468 Chevy big block
8-71 Dyer blower
2 pc of E85 Billet 750 carbs


race body orange race car orange

Owner: Hans Stenerlof,Sweden.


race car orange

ford bb ford mustang


ford mustang side


If you have a cool E85 Ride or Engine, take a few photos and send them and a discription to: robmix@e85carbs.com. If they are cool I will put them up here.

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