Edelbrock E85 Carburetors by E85carbs

E85carbs 600cfm E85 Edelbrock Carb

Edelbrock E85 Carbs by E85carbs

Ball-burnished aluminum, square bore Performer Series carbs are reliable and provide reasonble fuel economy with E85. This carb is supported by a long line of aftermarket parts.

We purchase these new gas carburetors and do our conversion to E85.
These converted carbs can not be made to work with gas.

Edelbrock is a registered trademark of Edelbrock USA, Inc. Holley®, Dominator®and Double Pumper® are registered trademarks of Holley® Performance Products, Inc.

E85carbs 600cfm E85 Edelbrock Carb

E85 600 Edelbrock Carb
E85 750 Edelbrock Carb
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E85 Edelbrock Conversion Including Thunder Series and Performer
This includes normal replacement parts for E85. Cleaning and a basic overhaul is included for no extra charge. 500 & 600 work the best for E85, we can convert 500, 600, 650, 750 PERFORMER or THUNDER SERIES AVS Edelbrock Carbs .After purchasing a conversion, you will need send your carburetor to us.
**Converted carbs can not be made to work with gas**

Purchase your conversion here with PayPal or credit card, print out your recipt and Ship a copy with your carb and send it to us at: Rob Mix Services, Inc.*465 North Street * Saint Paul, MN 55130. This overhaul can take 1 week in shop but we try to turn it sooner if possable. Return shipping will be added at checkout about $29.50


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